Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wanda Landowska on Apture

When I'm not writing about or listening to Wanda Landowska, I work as the editor of Birmingham Weekly, the largest, independently owned newsweekly in the state of Alabama. On the Weekly website, we recently started using a terrific service called Apture, which allows bloggers to layer in multimedia content for readers to search without leaving the page. I knew it would be terrific for this burgeoning blog: An Apture search for Wanda Landowska yields a link to a Wikipedia page, Twitter search results and dozens of video clips from YouTube. All you have to do to check out some of the content is move your mouse over that small icon in front of her name in the previous sentence. A new window will open, giving you access to several choices of audio and video clips.

Madame Landowska is physically absent from my very favorite YouTube video of her. I discovered this gem from 78Man even before I had Apture:

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